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sick today / walk-in clinic​

We keep a small amount of appointments each day, which are set aside for people with acute illness. This service is for sick babies, patients with acute asthma, migrane, vomiting, eye injuries, acute urinary infections, and similar problems.


We are able to contact you by SMS for appointment reminders, pathology responses and recalls. If you would like to receive these SMSs, please update your contact details with Reception.


It is our policy to keep appointments on time whenever possible. We take numerous measures to minimise your waiting time, as we understand how valuable your time is.


Get on with the more important things in life by booking your appointment before you visit...Longer appointments are available on request. If you wish to speak to your doctor on the phone, you may do so in an emergency. Calls will be screened by a Triage Officer who will then transfer urgent calls to the doctor. If you require a home visit for any severe incapacitating reason, you need to call and discuss this with Reception.

test results

For quality of patient care, we request that you make an appointment for a follow up visit with your doctor - results are not given out over the phone. While this may be inconvenient in some cases, it is a policy that protects your confidential information.


We are always happy to hear your concerns and compliments. Please discuss with Reception or your doctor. If you have any concerns or complaints in regards to our practice and wish to contact a third party, please contact The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office on 65551 7600.

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