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One of our main focus is preventive healthcare, which consists of measures taken to prevent diseases and injuries rather than curing them or treating their symptoms. We aim to prevent any long-term health consequences from gestational/family history and/or disease. We are the provider you need. Our professional team of board-certified physicians, nurses, allied-health specialists and technicians is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of medical conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and mental wellbeing related issues. 

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide. All our staff members are highly trained professionals, so you get nothing but clear, respectful communication, and great service.

iCAN Clinic
(Smoking Cessation)

Although many smokers are likely to attempt quitting unassisted, this approach has a low likelihood of succeeding (3-6% success rate) on any given attempt*. Hence, the support and assistance we provide for you at the iCAN Clinic.


For further information, call 9490 3113 to speak with our reception or book your appointment for the iCAN Clinic.

family planning services




child health

Child health services aim to promote improved health outcomes for babies, young children and their families, through the provision of targeted prevention, early identification and intervention health services.

skin care
travel clinic
mental health care plan
occupational health
chronic disease management
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