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At The Neurodevelopmental Central, we understand the functioning of the neurological system and the brain. We offer comprehensive assessments and support to young people, their parents, and adults.


After evaluation, our approach focuses on empowering and highlighting the strengths and competencies of young people and adults to overcome their deficits.

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  • Assessment and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • ADHD Coaching

  • Diagnosis of mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Mood disorders and anxiety disorders

  • Low Confidence and Poor Self-Esteem

  • Familial & Relationship Difficulties

  • ​Stress/Coping Difficulties

our service addresses issues such as:

Our team of experienced healthcare clinicians from behavioural, speech, emotional, nutritional, and clinical psychology fields work collaboratively to provide our clients with an integrated approach to alleviating their deficits and improving social. emotional, academic and vocational performance, and communication skills.


We demonstrate an empathetic understanding of our clients' experience, hence providing a tailored service to meet their individual needs.


Most importantly, our work with you will seek to emphasise your values-based strengths and the constructive coping skills used in the past, to overcome current challenges.


Remember: "It is neither the past nor the present. It is how you interpret your experience."



Lakers Komaiya MAPS FCCLP

B.Sc. (Hons) Maths, M.Inf.Sc., Grad. Cert. (HR)

B.Sc. (Hons) Psych, MAppPsych (Clinical)





We also offer

  • smoking cessation counseling

  • coaching and mentoring

  • pre-marriage and relationship counseling

Better Access (i.e., with a Mental Health Care Plan)

Initial consultation

90 mins. = $290 (Rebate = $131.65, Out-of-pocket = $158.35) Non-pension card holders​ and Children

90 mins. = $250 (Rebate = $131.65, Out-of-pocket = $118.35) Pension card holders

Subsequent consultations

50+ mins. = $191 (Rebate = $131.65, Out-of-pocket = $59.35)

Non-pension card holders and Children

50+ mins. = $161 (Rebate = $131.65, Out-of-pocket = $29.35) Pension card holders​

Private (i.e., without a MHCP)

50+ mins. = $300.00 (Out-of-pocket = $300.00) - Initial visit

50+ mins. = $250.00 (Out-of-pocket = $250.00)  - Subsequent visit


Relationship Counselling 

50+ mins = $300 (individual), $400 (couple)

For Worker's Compensation consultations

50+ mins. = $262.35 (Out-of-pocket = $258.35)  - Initial visit

50+ mins. = $262.35 (Out-of-pocket = $258.35)  - Subsequent visit

For NDIS Consultations

50+ mins. = $234.83  - Initial visit

50+ mins. = $234.83  - Subsequent visit



The cost of the report will depend on the length of the report and the time taken to compile it. Reports are not part of the standard consultation fee. However, reports can be requested and a quote for a report can be provided. Reports must be paid separately and in full before the report can be added to a list to be written.

Cancellation policy


Cancellation or non-attendance fees for the initial consultation will be charged at $290.00. Where patients do not give 24-hour notice for not attending an appointment a cancellation fee of $200.00 is charged to the patient and payable before a subsequent appointment is secured. This amount cannot be claimed from Medicare.

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